Monday, August 2, 2010

How to reactivate dormant and dying hair follicles

If you have a receding hair line and/or your hair is getting thinner at the front of your scalp this article is for you. Take a close look at the hair at the front of your scalp and compare it to the hair at the bottom of the sides of your head, near to the back. If you notice that the hair at the top front of your scalp (particularly at the edges where your hair line is receding) looks thin and even wispy in places you need to focus effort on restoring these hairs.

Years ago I noticed my hair line was receding but I didn’t examine the hairs very closely. I bought a product called Fabao 101d and rubbed the topical solution into my scalp twice a day. Some time later when I examined my scalp, where the hair line had receded I noticed many smaller, thinner, lighter coloured hairs along the hair line seemed to have grown. I was quite pleased and thought that Fabao had done the trick.

I was wrong!

It was some months later that I realized my initial analysis was incorrect. The smaller, thinner, lighter coloured hairs were not new hairs. In fact they were older hairs that were growing back thinner and wispier than the hairs they had replaced. The hairs at the front of my scalp were slowly dying causing my hair line to recede further.

This was obviously a bad thing but it did give me something. It gave me a good understanding of how my hair loss was progressing. Having studied hair loss for several years I used my knowledge to properly diagnose the hair loss. I was experiencing ‘hair follicle miniaturization’ in the classic male pattern baldness shape, caused, most likely by DHT in the scalp.

DHT in my scalp was causing my body to treat the hairs along my hair line to be treated like ‘foreign bodies’ by my scalp. Effectively my scalp was slowly rejecting these hairs instead of feeding them and eventually, they would completely die.

Having diagnosed the cause of my hair loss I was able to create an effective strategy to reverse it. Unfortunately frontal hair loss cannot be treated by Minoxidil and many other hair loss treatments are ineffective against frontal hair loss.

How to reactivate hairs that are going dormant or have become dormant

There are three things you need to do to reactivate dormant hairs and to stop the scalp from treating hairs as foreign bodies. You need to

remove DHT from the scalp;reduce DHT production in the body to healthy levels; andfeed the weakened and dormant hairs so they reactivate and eventually become terminal again.

This is actually very easy and I have developed an extremely effective method for doing this. The method has three phases. First of all you remove the DHT and unblock any blocked pores in the scalp. Then you feed the hairs directly using an inexpensive topical solution that penetrates the epidermis of the scalp to feed dormant and weakened hairs via the hair shafts. You alternate between these two phases causing the scalp to concentrate on removal of DHT, dead skin cells, sebum, embedded cosmetic products and pollutants, followed by feeding the scalp with nutrients that inhibit DHT and feed hairs.

While doing this you will be following several simple procedures that increase blood flow the surface of the scalp, filling the blood vessels that feed the hair with blood. At the same time you follow my special hair growth diet that feeds the hair from the inside. Nutrients are sent to the hair via the blood so the increased nutrient intake coupled with increased blood flow to the weakened and dormant hair follicles provides the hair with an abundance of food for growth.

This alternating action of stripping out everything (including DHT, dead skin and sebum) from the scalp, followed by intense feeding and increased blood flow has an incredible effect on hair growth.

These first two alternating phases, coupled with the hair growth diet and increased blood flow to the scalp are important first steps. But you also need phase three: reducing DHT production in the body.

To learn how to do this download my hair loss ebook today and start following my step by step instructions tonight. Prepare to be very excited about growing new hair over the next few months.

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